Winning Customers in 2018 by Merging Physical and Digital Shopping

February 22, 2018 0 Comments

In the era of digital shopping, keeping customers happy in-store is make-or-break for retail stores. The key to brick-and-mortar success lies in staying innovative and competitive by listening to the signals of your shoppers and providing them shopper-specific informations based on their individual wants, needs, behaviors and preferences.

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Josh Marti

About the author

Josh Marti: Josh is the CEO and Co-founder of Point Inside. Mr. Marti has a proven record of designing, developing and bringing to market cutting-edge technology products. Considered an expert in wireless location-based services, Mr. Marti was responsible for several of Qualcomm’s largest gpsOne deployments and a number of global brand and operator deployments prior to co-founding Point Inside in 2009.


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