Oklahoma's Most Popular Shopping Center: Penn Square Mall

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Located in the center of Oklahoma City, Penn Square Mall is an enclosed, two story center that is the leading shopping destination in the state of Oklahoma. This shopping center features over 100 brand name retailers, a dozen upscale restaurants and several attractions that are anchored by Dillard’s, Macy’s, and JCPenney. Penn Square Mall is not just a place to shop, but a place to stay active and stimulate physical and mental health. “The center has been recognized as a Certified Healthy Business for promoting health and wellness where Oklahomans live, work, learn, and play,” says the Penn Square Mall marketing team, “In addition to healthy food options, Penn Square Mall’s healthy initiatives include providing a venue for walking, monthly blood drives and many other community activities.”


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What makes this mall so successful is their ability to provide the utmost services, experiential offerings, and retail that create a lively and desirable atmosphere. The marketing team says, “the center attracts new shoppers with the addition of new retailers and experiential offerings such as the AMC Theatre, new children’s Play Area and beauty salons, all intended to extend the time visitors spend at the center.” As the center continues to grow in size, it is growing in popularity as well. This shopping center is ranked #1 out of 8 in the state of Oklahoma and has a relatively high rank in the country overall, in terms of number of visitors per square foot. The services, attractions, eateries, and retail options Penn Square Mall has to offer will enhance your overall shopping experience.



Keep an eye out for Penn Square Mall’s upcoming store openings and events. According to their marketing team, they will be opening UNTUCKit this coming fall, a store that was started as online only retail. “Penn Square Mall anticipates additional openings of this nature,” says the team, “following a trend of digital brands and broadening their customer base from purely online shoppers to include mall-goers who prefer the in-store shopping experience.” Penn Square Mall perfectly exemplifies a mall that is keeping up to date with modern trends and retail, while providing excellent customer service in their stores so that brick and mortar stores continue to thrive. Come join them this summer for new store openings, in store deals, and many other upcoming events!

If you are on the hunt for a great shopping center experience in Oklahoma state, look no further than Penn Square. 

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