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nSide Private Ad Network

Today, we’re excited to announce nSide, the first private ad network for retailers and brands.

nSide combines Point Inside’s unique indoor shopper- and product-location technologies with shopper intent data to deliver highly personalized advertising messages to in-store customers. Delivered through the retailer’s branded app, retailers and brand can use nSide to engage in-store customers in ways not previously possible.

Why is this important?

First, the numbers:

  • more than 90% of retail occurs in-store
  • almost 80% of smartphones owners use them to help with shopping
  • there are over 100 million smartphones in the United States

This means there is a HUGE, untapped opportunity for retailers to connect with shoppers in-store - through their smartphones.

nSide makes that connection and provides a significant new advertising-based revenue stream for retailers. It also increases basket size and customer loyalty.

nSide has major advantages over traditional ad networks:

  • The retailer controls the network including the ads/messages, targeting and pricing. The network drives the retailers’ and brands’ strategies.
  • It is completely integrated into the app and can take advantage of powerful understanding of the customer and engage them with personalized ads and messages. nSide combines shopper purchase intents derived from shopping lists, product searches and past purchase history with knowledge of the shopper location and nearby products to deliver the right message at the right time.
  • The ads are part of the shopping flow so that the customer feels like they are part of a conversation rather than being presenting with a billboard, as is the case with traditional banner ads.
  • nSide provides important and unique customer intent and action data including in-store shopper activities and decisions as well as key marketing metrics, such as the efficacy of in-store marketing programs.

Retailers get a significant and lucrative new advertising revenue stream, increased basket size and greater customer loyalty. Brands get coveted access to the shoppers at key decision points along the path to purchase.

The nSide Private Ad Network is a revolutionary way for retailers and brands to engage shoppers in-store and in real time. That drives conversion, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

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