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Improving Customer Experience is Crucial for Keeping up with Today's Technology-Driven Shoppers

Technology has imbedded itself in almost every aspect of human life, and that includes the things we buy, how we shop and what we expect from today’s retailers. New research from Frost & Sullivan has outlined how consumer-facing technology is paving the way for the digital transformation of retail, and what are the most crucial aspects for retailers.

How Showroom Concept Stores Are Changing the Retail Industry

Retail analysts are buzzing about Nordstrom’s merchandise-free store concept, but the approach itself is hardly new. A number of major retailers and startup fashion brands have pioneered a local showrooming strategy, divorcing the purchasing of products from the distribution, and focusing more on experiences than in-person sales.

Toys ‘R’ Us Might Be Dying, but Physical Retail Isn’t

The recent bankruptcy filing at Toys “R” Us has roiled the toy industry. Yet the struggles at the company are not new. The firm was taken private in a $6.6 billion leveraged private equity buyout in 2005, with the aim of turning the chain around, but the resulting debt has proved to be unserviceable.The news is part of a larger trend of closings that some are calling the retail apocalypse.

Store Openings Drive a 52% Jump in Web Traffic

When a retailer opens a new brick-and-mortar store traffic to that retailer’s web site from those in the surrounding postal area jumps 52% on average within six weeks of the store opening, according to research published by U.K.-based commercial real estate company British Land, which used web data from Connexity Hitwise.

How Retail Must Adapt to Compete with eCommerce

Business , eCommerce Leave a Comment Share this Post The number of eCommerce businesses has doubled in the past five years. The rise of the industry has admittedly caused less foot traffic and some brick and mortar businesses to suffer closure. But contrary to popular belief, retailers are not going out easily. Studies have shown that the majority of shoppers still prefer to go to physical establishments.



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