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Mobile Search - It’s Different

As a top discovery resource, companies can’t afford to wait any longer to implement a mobile-first search strategies. When it comes to mobile searching location is essential, immediacy matters, immediate need can outrank brand loyalty, mobile searchers demand more information for high-ticket exploration, and complex research is still left to the desktop.

85% Of Shoppers Unlikely To Go Back After A Bad Mobile Experience; 95% Want Issues Resolved On First Try

A large majority (85%) of consumers said they are unlikely to do business with the same organization following a bad mobile experience. On the other side, 72% say they are likely to do business with a company in the future following a good mobile experience. This will gain increasing importance as more shopping by mobile device increases.

National Retail Federation Raises Annual Sales Forecast, Cites Stronger Start of the Year

NRF expects families to spend $75.8 billion to get their kids prepared for kindergarten through college. That would represent a gain of 11 percent over last year's prediction for $68 billion. When breaking it down by household, the organization is calling for a 7 percent lift in average spending on children from kindergarten through high school, and a slight 1 percent decline on college students.

Retailers install bars, hoping to lure shoppers offline

Standalone retailers are borrowing the time-tested technique of shopping malls and high-end department stores, where quick Chinese food or ritzy cafes have long offered respite to exhausted customers. Now the strategy is being adopted as a survival technique by shops that once might have frowned at letting customers roam displays of blouses and leather handbags while carrying food or a drink.

Why retailers still struggle with omnichannel—and how they can conquer the challenge

Most retailers still lack the insights and tools necessary to transform that behavior from browsing to buying. When asked to identify the top three challenges hampering their omnichannel strategies, 67% of retail execs cited a lack of customer analytics across channels, 48% blamed silos within the organization, 45% pointed to poor data quality and another 45% confessed to an inability to identify customers across shopping trips.

Mobile In-Store - CVS pilots Google’s new Nearby beacon and app program

Retailers can use Google Nearby to send notifications to advertise a mobile website, trigger an action in their app or trigger an app install. If a consumer receives a message she is interested in, she taps on it and is taken to the relevant page on the mobile site, app or Google Play. CVS is using the Nearby program to let shoppers know they can send photos to the retailer for in-store printing via the CVS smartphone app.

Sears borrows from Pokemon Go for app-based in-store scavenger hunt

Sears is combining two big mobile trends – real-world scavenger hunts and in-store activations – in the new Find Max game, enabling shoppers to search for clues and unlock prizes using the retailer’s shopping application. To play the game, users launch the Sears app in-store and then search for clues, which are marked with a QR code and can be scanned to indicate they have been found.

Walmart advances app with Canada rollout and download incentive

Canadian Walmart customers will now be able to use a mobile app to make purchases, get information and receive help with in-store shopping. The retail app allows users to save frequent reoccurring purchases as their favorites to quickly purchase again when needed. The Walmart Canada app also shares its weekly flyer deals, notifies users when favorite items are on rollback, allows product bar code scanning for reviews and extra details and supports in-store grocery pick-up.



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