How Retailers Can Make it Easier to Locate Products In Store

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Once a retailer makes the decision to digitize their physical store, they create additional value for both shoppers and store associates. The immediate value is having the ability to locate products and be assured that the item is available at the store prior to entering. Making sure this information is up to date, reflecting near real-time data, ensures the store can rely on location data for merchandising and data-driven optimization. According to GPS Shopper and comScore, 27 percent of shopper’s name location features in retailer mobile apps as the most important feature.

Freeing up the sales associates' time using technology means that they are more available to help shoppers select the best item for their needs. Ecommerce sites try desperately to advise and assist shoppers using reviews, recommendations, and rich imagery. This has proven to be very costly difficult to do online whereas and having a connected store associate there to help the shopper navigate their choices is a huge advantage for brick-and-mortar stores.

Store employees are tasked with various operational executions. In a given day they are receiving goods and stocking shelves, restocking returned goods, pulling omnichannel orders, refacing, hanging signs (i.e. sales, promos), pulling down old signs and counting inventory. Therefore, anything that helps the employee organize their work, as it relates to the item location, will free-up time for focusing on their primary objective of engaging with the shoppers and selling goods. People are innately social beings; they like to go to stores and be around other people that are shopping. Anything that retailers can learn about their shoppers while in the store could contribute to continually improving the in-store environment.

Location data and location-based solutions provide retailers with an ongoing way of learning more about their customer's wants, needs and desires.

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