Empowering In-Store Shoppers with Indoor Mapping Technology

November 10, 2017 0 Comments


With 20 percent of shoppers leaving the store without fulfilling their entire purchase intent, there is a huge opportunity for retailers to help shoppers find products more easily via their most accessible tool - their mobile device. Retailers today have the ability to create a much improved in-store experience by letting shoppers access their mobile app as they shop and by answering the two most important questions for shoppers: 1) Does the store have the item I need in stock? And 2) Where is the item located in the store? With so many shoppers using mobile apps on their smartphone while they shop, retailers need to capitalize on this opportunity and deliver more relevant, contextualized experiences. More sophisticated indoor mapping technology also shows the walking path, via the mobile app, so shoppers have the most efficient route through the aisles to retrieve the items on their shopping list.

The digital interaction between retailer and shopper happens well before the shopper enters the store. Customized product searches, deal searches and offering a digital store map can reduce the number of shoppers that walkout due to frustration by not being able to locate items in the store. Retailers can provide this mapping and location capability within their native mobile application. These in-app features support the shopper so they can locate products in-store, create shopping lists, and search store-specific inventory to find products with ease and convenience.

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