Does In-store Mode Meet Shoppers' Demands?

July 11, 2016 1 Comment


Recently both Dick’s Sporting Goods and Macy’s announced their versions of in-store mode in their apps, further enhancing the physical shopping experience. With 70% of all shoppers who browse a retail app intending to make an in-store purchase, the physical store is more important than ever.

In a pilot set of stores, the Dick’s app detects the shoppers’ local store and personalizes the content for that shopper. The in-store mode includes scorecard access, rewards, and weekly ads. “Stores are a critical component of our strategy and providing a meaningful mobile experience while customers are in our stores is something we’re spending a lot of time on,” said Rafeh Masood, vice president of customer innovation technology at Dick’s. The latest update to the Macy’s app includes a price scanner, offers, product reviews, and store availability.

Even with all of the new in-store app features, retailers are still not meeting the needs of today’s digitally savvy shopper. Retail apps should help answer shoppers’ 2 most important questions: Do you have it? And Where can I find it? Retailers like Dick’s and Macy’s should look at implementing the following features into their app:

  • In-store maps that include departments, aisles, shelves, and services.  
  • In-store product location that tells a shopper exactly where the items are in-store.
  • Local store search that shows a shopper the items available in their store.
  • Personalized deals and recommendations that help a shopper discover new items.

Point Inside’s StoreMode™ platform provides an engaging and interactive way to implement an in-store mode in retail apps.

Point Inside is lucky to partner with some of the most innovative retailers in the mobile space including Target, Meijer, and Lowe’s. To learn how StoreMode can drive in-store sales for your stores, contact Point Inside to get a free mobile assessment.

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