Are you listening to the signals from your customers to improve their buying experience?

February 05, 2018 0 Comments

Seventy-two percent of companies say improving customer experience is a top priority, yet less than two-thirds are implementing tools to reach these goals, according to Forrester. Retailers should consider how they can leverage technology to gain insight and better meet their customers’ needs through in-store data collection; starting with shopper signals. This article talks about the ways retailers can collect, listen and respond to in-store shopper signals and use these signals to enhance their customer service offerings... 
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Josh Marti

About the author

Josh Marti: Josh is the CEO and Co-founder of Point Inside. Mr. Marti has a proven record of designing, developing and bringing to market cutting-edge technology products. Considered an expert in wireless location-based services, Mr. Marti was responsible for several of Qualcomm’s largest gpsOne deployments and a number of global brand and operator deployments prior to co-founding Point Inside in 2009.


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